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Bridge Clubs


du Parc

Édifice Jean-René Monette,
City of Gatineau, Gatineau Sector
Centre communautaire Tétreau, City of Gatineau, Hull Sector

These two Outaouais clubs are non-profit organizations and have been in operation for over twenty years.
 The games are held in a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere.
The Outaouais' Bridge Clubs operate four games a week.


Monday evening at 19:30 Starting September 5th 2017

Thursday evening at 19:30 Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:00

Except for very special sessions, the price is $5.00.
(Free coffee and biscuits)
There is ample free parking at both sites.

Your manager in Gatineau

Your manager in du Parc

Denis Tubie
Hubert Richard

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Excellent playing conditions. Welcome to all.